1. The contracting authority

Pomurski tehnološki park d.o.o., Plese 9a, 9000 Murska Sobota, on the basis of the conditions defined below, invites interested  to submit An offer for the provision of services on the attached form, namely: 

  1. The subject of the invitation

Pomurski tehnološki park d.o.o. is a coordinator of T1 Workgroup within the framework of CEUP 2030 project, therefore an external expert is sought within the invitation to prepare a proposal for guidelines that will enable the implementation of the following two key outputs within T1 work package:

  • Output O.T1.1: CEUP 2030 Policy Learning Lab – Cross-linked capacity enhancement for CAMI4.0 stakeholders
  • Output O.T1.2: CEUP 2030 Strategy Upgrade & Boost – Fostering straight implementation among CE/EU project scheme

The successful tenderer will prepare the following documentation in the context of achievement D.T1.4 Support service for coaching guidance on impact controlling T1:

  • Developing and coordinating a guidance document for the WP T1 covering the 4 main elements of harvesting, policy learning lab, strategy upgrade & boost, impact controlling.
  • Participating in coaching sessions with the main activity and deliverables responsible partners to align the 4 main elements of WP T1 among all involved partners.

Prior to implementation, the activities are coordinated with the needs of the client according to the application form! The documentation must be in English.

DEADLINE for completion: 20th May 2020

  1. Bidding starting points

The offer should show the following information::

  • tenderer contacts
  • subject of the tender
  • Price (which should include all possible costs, discounts and rebates)
  • validity of the offer

Bid value may not exceed EUR 6,000.00 (net).

  1. Time and financial framework:

The Contractor undertakes to carry out the activities and to forward the documentation to the Contracting Authority no later than 20.05.2020.

Payment for the aforementioned services will be made on the basis of an invoice related to the activity performed, which is the subject of the contract.

  1. Payment Terms:

The Client undertakes to pay for the service provided in accordance with the law, usually at the end of the eligible reporting period, provided that all the activities envisaged are completed. The selected bidder is issued a purchase order.

  1. Selection criteria:

The service provider will be selected according to the most economically advantageous tender. The Contracting Authority reserves the right to ask for additional clarifications or supporting documents based on the tenders received or not to select any contractor.

  1. Deadline for submission and manner of submission of tender:

Tenders on the prescribed (attached) form shall be submitted in writing by post, in person or electronically (borut@p-tech.si) to the address of the contracting authority. All bids received up to and including 16.04.2020 are considered timely.

Offer – form

Contact person for further information: Borut Zrim, tel. 02 530 82 20, borut@p-tech.si

Murska Sobota, 06.04.2020

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