Danube DNA

Project name: Danube Digital transformation Network of Active SMEs training and knowledge transfer centers

Project acronym: Danube DNA

Project is supported by the Interreg Danube Region Programme, co-funded by the EU.

It corresponds to the 1st priority of the Danube Region Programme: A smarter Danube Region.

To the specific objective 1.2: Developing skills for smart specialization, industrial transition and entrepreneurship.

Project budget: 2.159.530,00 EUR

Interreg funding: 1.727.624,00 EUR

Project duration: January 2024 – June 2026

Project partners: 12 Project Partners + 14 Associate Partners, from 12 Danube countries

Lead partner: Faculty of Technical Sciences University of Novi Sad

About the project:

The main challenge addressed with the project is the synchronized transnational digital transformation of SMEs towards industry and logistics 4.0, across the Danube Region. To address the challenge, the main objective of the project is to create the Danube DNA Network – Digital Transformation network of Active SMEs training and knowledge transfer centers.

The Danube DNA network will be the nucleus of integrative smart specialization, skills development, cross-sectorial collaborations, SMEs transformation, and transition towards industry and logistics 4.0, through the transfer of knowledge, inter‐regional capacity building, jointly developed solutions, and implementation of innovative and sustainable pilot actions.

Danube DNA main outputs and results will be:

  • Established Danube DNA network of “one-stop shops” for SMEs digital transformation and knowledge transfer along the Danube Region.
  • Established Danube DNA platform.
  • Transnational Guidelines for the smart specialization of the Danube Region.
  • Knowledge transfer sessions and capacity buildings organized in 12 Danube Region countries.
  • 6 joint technological solutions.
  • 12 pilot actions in 12 Danube countries.