SIO 2018-2019

Project value: 510.000 EUR

Duration: 01.01.2018 – 31.12.2019

Purpose of the project:

Preparation and implementation of support services for the start-up, development and growth of innovative companies and their integration with existing domestic and foreign companies in order to achieve value chains and create the potential for creating new jobs.

Project goals:

  • increasing the number of newly established companies, especially those that achieve higher added value compared to the Slovenian average
  • increasing the survival rate of start-ups
  • overcoming obstacles of fast-growing businesses

Content of the action plan by the stages of the life cycle of enterprises.

Target groups and beneficiaries of support services::


  • potential entrepreneurs – innovative groups or individuals in the region with the aim of creating different types of businesses (from low-tech to high-tech). These are ambitious and proactive individuals with specialized professional competences who are currently either unemployed or employed and wanting to become independent in business.


  • start up companies (from low-tech to high-tech)


  • fast-growing companies (“scale up” companies) with 10 or more employees, over 1 million EUR of annual turnover and more than 20% an average annual growth of turnover in the last three business years.

The operation is partly financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

The operation is carried out under Priority Investment: 3.1. Encouraging entrepreneurship, in particular by facilitating the economic exploitation of new ideas and encouraging the establishment of new businesses, including enterprise incubators.