Innovation 2020| Program: Territorial program SLO – AVS |Value: 2.096.765 EUR | Project term: jan. 2009 – maj. 2012 | More about the project: Development of new products and technologies.

KBB| Program: Territorial program SLO – AVS | Value: 1.053.816 EUR | Project term: jun. 2009 – mar. 2012 | More about the project: Establishing a technology transfer methodology.

Energo Optimum| Program: Territorial program SLO – MAD | Value: 529.925 EUR | Project term: jun. 2009 – maj. 2012 | More about the project: Implementation of pilot approaches in the field of efficient energy use.

IB – Manager| Program: European Research Program ERA SME | Value: 1.100.000 EUR | Project term: mar. 2009 – feb. 2011 | More about the project: Development and testing of an integrated business and consulting package for the management of intellectual property.

Healthy food| Program: Territorial program SLO – MAD | Value: 269.094 EUR | Project term: jun. 2009 – maj. 2012 | More about the project: Establishment of the Hygienomics model and the development of high value-added food products.


Business zones – NET | Program: Interreg IIIA | Value: 126.540 EUR | Project term: jan. 2007 – jan. 2008 | More about the project: Network of business zones in the trilateral region (SI-HU-CRO), support programs, management techniques, B2B meetings, joint promotion, acquisition of foreign investments.

Strengthening the competitiveness of the Pomurje region through innovation and lifelong learning| Program: DG Enlargement, Phare | Value: 398.761 EUR | Project term: okt. 2006 – okt. 2008 | More about the project: Establishment of a model for targeted education for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the field of polymer materials.

Regional innovation center| Program: Interreg IIIA | Value: 175.000 EUR | Project term: feb. 2006 – mar. 2007 | More about the project: Establishment of infrastructure and support services for technological projects in the SI-AT bilateral region.

B2S2B| Program: Interreg IIIC | Value: 618.575 EUR | Project term: dec. 2005 – jul. 2007 | More about the project: Transfer of good practices between Slovene, Italian, Hungarian, Spanish, French and Dutch partners; pilot regional development activities for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Business Incubator Mandalina, Šibenik, Hrvaška| Program: CARDS | Value: 308.183 EUR | Project term: okt. 2005 – okt. 2006 | More about the project: Establishment of an entrepreneurial incubator in Croatia, building capacity, establishment of management, support programs, infrastructure, new SMEs.

Crosbo RD| Program: Interreg IIIA | Value: 172.176 EUR | Project term: sep. 2005 – sep. 2007 | More about the project: Transfer of regional development activities from the Universities of Maribor, Osijek and Pecs into the practice of SMEs.

Network of cooperative structures in the Pomurje region – Radkersburg/ Program: Interreg IIIA| Value: 133.333 EUR | Project term: mar. 2005 – okt. 2006 | More about the project: Preparation of joint support programs for small and medium-sized enterprises between Slovene and Austrian incubators and technology centers.

Highly educated unemployed young people for the first time in the labor market| Program: Phare| Value: 110.000 EUR | Project term: feb. 2005 – okt. 2006 | More about the project: Connecting, educating and integrating highly educated unemployed young people into concrete entrepreneurial projects in SMEs.

Technology Center for Textile Industry| Program: PPF II., ERDF| Value: 72.704 EUR | Project term: okt. 2004 – jun. 2006 | More about the project: Preparing and setting up a development center for the textile and clothing industry.