Who are we searching for?

The thoughtful transition of manufacturing towards the “agile” premise could be one amongst the most entrepreneurially advanced means to counter the currently existing global market-level shortages and to establish the continuous optimal trend by addressing and unburdening the respective company’s financial, internationalization, partnership or process potential.

In order to do this and simultaneously boost the rate of reaching a successful cross-border deal/transaction story, we are searching for and inviting innovative technology solutions providers and manufacturing companies wanting to optimize their businesses and take advantage of this opportunity to grow.

What are we offering you?

Having our extensive partners’ and various other stakeholders’ and overall eco-system’s networks in mind, we offer you the following:

  • Direct access to the corporates (collaboration)
  • Direct access to the investors (co-funding)

To stimulate the B2B match-making, the (non-binding) individual pitching events will be organized between the interested corporates or investors and the most fitting and promising start-up/scale-up companies. [= milestone #1]


  • TEST BEFORE INVEST voucher support

Exclusively, we offer 2x €10K voucher’s value to stimulate the implementation of the proposed ‘demo’/pilot cases (ultimately, the top 2 will be picked on the basis of their content perspective, dedicated own financial resources and overall prospect criteria).

For a beneficiary company to be eligible to receive such an aid, a roadmap containing the details concerning the mutual project has to be prepared together by both a solution seeker and a solution provider. [= milestone #2]

The template and, if necessary, contracts/agreements considering all parties will be timely provided by us.


  • Workshops and 1:1 mentorship

In addition, we offer also the comprehensive programme with 1:1 mentorship, especially to do a gap analysis and a readiness assessment to diagnose the processes, to eliminate the losses and to measure the improvements and the progress, a roadmap preparation facilitation and/or an adequate promotion of a candidate/team.

Eligibility criteria

The key characteristics of a company and its solution to benefit from the stated guided aid are:

  • Location = the European Union-based prioritizing its internationalization across Europe and beyond.
  • Maturity = operating for at least 1 year with €100K turnover.
  • Traction = market readiness level of 6+.
  • Presence in ‘deep-/disruptive-tech’ innovation segment: internet of things, advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, additive/3D printing, automation of knowledge work, global internet penetration, cloud technology, autonomous and near-autonomous vehicles, renewable energy, advanced oil and gas exploration and recovery, next-generation genomics.

All of our activities are conducted in English language and are fully free of charge.


  1. Set-up & announcement = August 2021–November 2021.
  2. Launch & dissemination = 01/12/2021.
  3. E-application deadline = 15/02/2022.
  4. Jury screening & expression of interest(s) = 28/02/2022.
  5. BATCH_#2 kick-off = 01/03/2022.
  6. Expert calibration, master-class, lecture, workshop & coaching/mentoring sessions [in remote version] = mid-February 2022–late-April 2022.
  7. Individual match-making-/’demo’-day(s) (with pitches) = early-March 2022–mid-April 2022.
  8. Roadmap preparation deadline = 15/04/2022.
  9. Rating & finalized decision about TEST BEFORE INVEST voucher (with individual facilitation/support) = 25/04/2022 & onwards.
  10. Closure = 29/04/2022.

How to apply?

Online application form: https://pronet.p-tech.si/su4eu-amsl-2oc  [“re-fresh page” might be necessary].

Pre-prepare the principal parts of your e-application form’s content/text in the sample available here: Preview form

Contact person for further information and technical support:

Grega Konkolič




Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

The project Scaleup4Europe and its Scaleup Lab Services are funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 innovation programme under grant agreement No 871311.