We help you to find a suitable startup company according to the agreed criteria and prepare the company for the presentation. The presentation to investors is organized on an individual level or as part of an event. We design a program tailored to your needs and manage it for you for FREE.

What services do we offer?


Services for finding suitable startup companies, talents and their innovations at the international level.


Assistance to startup companies in preparing for the presentation event.


Event organization and presentation of startup companies and their innovative solutions.


Assistance in the implementation of a pilot project or demonstration of a solution on a concrete case.

In partnership with reputable international institutions, we have access to an international database within which we help identify suitable startup companies that meet your needs and criteria.

Are you interested in the implementation of INDEPENDENT INVESTMENT?

An investment in new, small, but fast-growing companies in exchange for an ownership stake, any form of debt cooperation or combination. You decide on the selection and the amount and method of investment yourself.

Are you interested in implementing CO-INVESTMENT IN A PARTNERSHIP?

The SI-SK tender of the Slovenian Enterprise Fund offers the possibility of co-investment with private investors. It is about providing equity financing for fast-growing innovative companies in their initial stages of development. Companies that are supported by independent private investors with investments are then supported by the Slovenian Enterprise Fund with co-investment in the same amount. Read more.


  • We find suitable companies according to the agreed criteria.
  • We prepare companies before they present themselves to you. We help you check your business idea, team, market potential, profitability and financial projections.
  • Save time and reduce the risk of failure.
  • You discover emerging trends in the industry.
  • You make the investment decision criteria by yourself.


  • Together we define the scouting criteria that startup companies must meet.
  • We do a preselection of suitable candidates.
  • We perform an analysis of the readiness and suitability of companies according to the agreed criteria.
  • Candidates are prepared for presentation.
  • We organize a meeting where companies with solutions are presented to you.
  • When you find a partner, we help you with further development activities.



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