START-UP services

  • Registration of the company – verification of the business idea, selection of the legal form, registration procedure, etc.
  • Preparation of a business model or business plan
  • Marketing strategy – market analysis, marketing plan
  • Financial planning – implementation of financial projections
  • Contract law – preparation of contracts
  • Product/service development – R&D and testing
  • Scouting of young personnel – testing competencies on applicative projects
  • Preparation and implementation of development projects – national, EU or commercial projects

SCALE-UP services

  • Optimization of business processes – lean production
  • Technology transfer – initiation and testing of new technologies
  • Product/service development – R&D and testing
  • Measuring employee effectiveness – setting up indicators and a reward system
  • Preparation and implementation of development projects – national, EU or commercial projects

Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) services

  • Information about news: Disseminating information on the pros and cons of new tehnologies and services related to “Industry 4.0”. A web-based tool is available with available information on providers of technology solutions, good practices, use cases, business models, and a catalogue of competencies and specialist services. (MAPPING TOOL)
  • SME needs/maturity assessment: diagnosing needs and readiness of the company in connection with the introduction of new technologies, providing feedback on the level of maturity and defining possible solutions.
  • Scouting of innovations: A set of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and other providers of technological solutions that increase productivity and quality of work in companies
  • “Brokering/matchmaking”: Assistance in establishing direct contact and organisation of events that bring together stakeholders (solution providers – solutions seekers); access to information, exchange of experience and good practices.
  • Access to expertise and infrastructure: Assistance in carrying out experiments and testing solutions for usefulness of use, finding suitable premises for pilot and experimental implementation, access to live laboratories, and involving stakeholders in the implemplementation.
  • Development of a business model for the company: Assistance in designing a business model and searching for links to carry out activities within a network of partners.
  • Mentoring: Application support for implementation of the solution – project implementation, access to finance, internationalisation, analysis, value chain design, etc.
  • Access to funding: Access to regional, national ad EU sources of funding for access to new technologies.
  • Education: Preparation of various types of training:
    • professional workshops, conferences and visits of good practices
    • on-line database of knowledge and data with education materials and video presentations.


All educational materials from professional events, conferences, lectures and workshops can be found here, in one place.


Geographical and substantive overview of information about business entities, co-financing programmes, projects and facilitators from many countries who act as a professional intermediary in linking demand and supply.


Our professional events can be watched live on our YouTube channel or you can watch them anytime later.

Internationalization services

  • Working visits abroad– organising B2B meetings for individual needs or a group of companies.
  • Networking – finding international business partners and assistance in makig contacs.
  • Specialized education – preparing an export plan, etc.