“Two Decades of Excellence and Innovation: Pomurje Technology Park Promotes Growth and Development in Pomurje.”

Pomurje Technology Park (PTP) proudly celebrates two decades of promoting the development and growth of a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pomurje. Over the past two decades, our dedicated team of experts has consistently provided professional support to businesses, leading to numerous successful projects. At this significant milestone, we reflect on our achievements and unique characteristics that set us apart from other entities in the innovative environment in Slovenia.

Our mission is to encourage the transfer of knowledge, experience, and technology into the economy, directly contributing to the creation of new jobs and added value.

This effort enhances the competitiveness of innovative entrepreneurship in the Pomurje region and fosters the establishment of new, growth-oriented, knowledge-based companies. In the last two decades, we have supported over 200 companies in launching their businesses, rapid development, and the commercialization of innovative products and services, resulting in the creation of more than 1500 new jobs. A compelling testament to our achievements is the implementation of 53 large projects from 14 different EU programs, including Horizon 2020, COSME, and the Norway Grants, with a total value of 59.15 million EUR, further strengthening our position in the Pomurje region. Some of the significant achievements for regional development include:

  1. Involving 290 students in project initiatives, leading to the development of 82 innovative solutions.
  2. Providing essential support and business services to over 50 foreign startups.
  3. Assisting 159 established companies with essential business services, covering areas such as analysis, business model development, access to financial resources, business process optimization, and more.
  4. Collaborating with companies to test 61 technological solutions that promote further company development.
  5. Optimizing business processes in 41 companies, increasing their operational efficiency.
  6. Offering expert support in the patent application process for four patents.
  7. Establishing a strong partner network across Europe, reaffirming our commitment to regional growth, innovation promotion, knowledge and technology transfer, support for technological entrepreneurship, and progress toward sustainability in line with the European Commission’s Digital and Green Agenda.

We marked our 20th anniversary with a celebratory event where we hosted numerous experts and political decision-makers to discuss critical issues related to regional development in Pomurje and Eastern Slovenia.

Among others, the following individuals contributed their insights:

  • dr. Aleksander Jevšek, Minister for Cohesion and Regional Development
  • dr. Miroslav Kranjc, State Secretary at the Ministry of Digital Transformation
  • dr. Martina Rauter, Advisor in the Cabinet of the Minister for Economy, Tourism and Sport
  • mag. Marko Močnik, Managing Director of the Pomurje Technology Park

The discussion focused on the following key areas:

  1. Funding Strategy: Participants explored ways to improve the financing of regional projects, emphasising balancing support for extensive strategic initiatives and maintaining the capacity for local project implementation.
  2. Intervention Policy and Subsidies: The conversation examined the role of intervention policies in aiding less developed areas and subsidies as catalysts for innovation and development.
  3. Digital Transformation: Experts emphasized the necessity of digitizing business processes to enhance the competitiveness of local companies and the necessary support mechanisms for a smooth transition.
  4. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Insights were shared regarding the evolving landscape of entrepreneurship support, and questions were raised about whether it is easier or more challenging to establish and develop businesses today.
  5. Regional Disparities: Differences in the allocation of EU funds between Eastern and Western Cohesion Regions were addressed, along with their potential impact on company relocations and strategies for promoting growth in Eastern Slovenia.
  6. Research and Development: Experts discussed measures to increase investments in research and development, promote innovation, and enhance competitiveness in Pomurje.
  7. Impact of Artificial Intelligence: The impact of artificial intelligence on various professions was assessed, highlighting areas with the greatest potential for change.
  8. Company Relocations Abroad: Participants explored solutions to prevent the migration of Slovenian start-up companies abroad and strengthen the retention and attraction of innovative businesses.
  9. Impact of Natural Disasters: Discussions were held regarding the effects of natural disasters, such as floods, on regional financing and potential means of funding key projects in Pomurje region.
  10. 20 Years of Success for the Pomurje Technology Park: Outstanding achievements of the Pomurje Technology Park in its two decades of operation were highlighted.

The roundtable provided a platform for in-depth discussions on key issues related to regional development. Participants reaffirmed their commitment to shaping a rich and innovative future for Pomurje and Eastern Slovenia.

“At this significant milestone, we express our gratitude to our partners, stakeholders, innovators, and companies who, together with us, have shaped the success story. We eagerly anticipate the future, with a dedicated focus on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the Pomurje region.” (Marko Močnik, Director of the Pomurje Technology Park).

About Pomurje Technology Park

Established in 2003, the Pomurje Technology Park has evolved into a dynamic ecosystem with over 200 member companies deeply rooted in the local and regional business environment. Our diverse network encompasses various industries, creating a rich array of ideas and innovations. With over 300 established partnerships across Europe and globally, PTP brings an international perspective to projects and initiatives enriched with insights from niche experts. We provide essential support for startups and fast-growing businesses, offering infrastructure, mentorship, and training for innovation development in the region. Our wide range of services includes co-working spaces, fully equipped offices, manufacturing units/laboratories, and expert business consultancy and mentoring. We deliver our expert services in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

We take pride in not merely relying on public funding but charting our own financial course. With a robust business model, we promote regional growth by combining our own resources with EU projects and market-based initiatives to cover operational costs, while ensuring uninterrupted support for businesses. We present ourselves as a symbol of financial self-sufficiency.

Our developmental path has had several phases, clearly marking the evolution of the Pomurski Technology Park’s role in promoting innovation and progress in the region and beyond. It began with the establishment of the Network Business Incubator to foster entrepreneurship in Pomurje, focusing primarily on providing support for new business startups. In the next step, our activities expanded to include existing companies throughout Eastern Slovenia. With the implementation of Slovenia’s Smart Specialization Strategy, PTP shifted its focus to Industry 4.0, signifying greater specialization in services for the manufacturing sector, with a focus on the development and implementation of green and digital technological solutions and the promotion of international collaboration between domestic and foreign companies.

Throughout our operations, we have evolved into a stable and internationally recognized hub for the development of digital and green innovations that contribute to the sustainable development of society. As the coordinator of the certified Digital Innovation Hub for Smart Manufacturing and a business partner in 4PDIH in Slovenia, we are at the forefront of European digital innovation initiatives. The other cornerstone of our mission is sustainability. We concentrate on green technologies, circular economy models, and renewable energy sources in the manufacturing sector. Our programs and initiatives encourage environmentally friendly practices, circular economy principles, and sustainable solutions in the supply chain.

As we embark on the next phase of our development and growth, we are committed to strengthening our position within the international ecosystem, developing specialized digital tools and mentoring programs, with the aim of further enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region and beyond.