GreenPulse 5.0 – Discovering Digital Solutions for a Green Future

On Thursday, December 14, 2023, as part of the Greene 4.0 project, we organized the workshop GreenPulse 5.0 – Discovering digital solutions for a green future, where providers of innovative solutions presented themselves to major Slovenian companies and revealed how their innovations contribute to the digital and green transition.

Innovative companies that presented their solutions:

Arctur with the AAT (Automated Assessment Tool) solution.

AAT is a tool for an automated assessment process suitable regardless of the complexity of the topic and applicable in every sector. It offers the possibility of customized recommendations for each evaluatee, enables modeling of decision-making based on several indicators and advanced, but very simple, analysis of the evaluation results.

SNEP with the GreenTwin solution – a digital twin for control and management from the machine to the entire company. The next step towards smart and sustainable management.

The 3D digital twin enables real-time management of facilities and assets, energy, monitoring of carbon footprint and OEE, ESG. It turns the building and the company into a smart one, reduces the human factor and acts as a co-pilot for management, energy, maintenance and production managers.

DSI Expert with the i4cube solution – Smart platform for production optimization.

The advanced platform for smart factories i4Cube includes the Smart MES production management system, which enables planning and scheduling of production and maintenance and detailed insight into the state of operations in the production process. With the Smart MES system, we digitize and connect all levels or manufacturing jobs. It enables easy tracking of an individual order from created work orders and planned operations to the execution of work on an individual machine – with all included events that occur and the necessary raw materials or energy sources. i4cube is a sustainable solution as it helps manufacturing companies reduce their carbon footprint (CIF certificate).

Dat Darko Toplak with the Info-digital solution.

Info-digital undertakes comprehensive project management, which helps companies find, select and implement appropriate digital tools and solutions, through which the process of digital transformation can be initiated, including the sustainable and ecological aspect of the transformation. We offer a series of special solutions from the field of Industry 4.0, especially suitable for small and medium-sized (manufacturing) companies.

PRIOT Digital Systems: PRIOT Connected Canvas

PRIOT Connected Canvas enables the integration and synchronization of various data sources in manufacturing companies in real time. This enables them to offer many functionalities, including:

• current inspection of production operation,
• predictive maintenance (TPM),
• calculation of KPI indicators for individual machines,
• automated quality control and report generation according to industry standards,
• warnings about possible malfunctions and irregularities.

ResEvo with the ASK.BI solution.

At ResEvo, we are specialists in the field of business analytics. Our customers have the ASK.BI platform, which processes, combines and visualizes all the desired data of your company in one place!

The right decisions are the foundation of success. We are here to help.

We enable companies to have complete control over operations and decision-making that lead to the set goals.

Preciz with the Scale Monitor™ solution.

Scale Monitor™ is an innovative online weighing application, also known as a virtual weight indicator, that digitizes the weighing process in an extremely easy way. It stores the weighing results directly in the cloud, eliminating human errors. It covers key data (time, date, work order, user, product, etc.), which you can then easily export to other programs or systems. Scale Monitor™ offers advanced weighing functions to even simple scales, such as counting, recipe weighing, etc., expanding the functionality of your weighing equipment.

In the interactive part of the workshop, we considered together the needs of the Slovenian economy for a green transition and thus took one of the first steps towards the realization of the GreenPulse 5.0 platform for green and digital innovations.

The participants also gained insight into upcoming measures and incentives for the digital and green transition of small, medium and large companies, and the event program was additionally enriched by a success story from the region on the effective use of open innovation for digital and green knowledge.

See some highlights from the event in the gallery below.

Do you also have a revolutionary digital or green solution that you would like to share with the world? Or are you looking for an innovation to improve the efficiency of your business and at the same time want to contribute to sustainable development?

Contact us at info@p-tech.si and share your vision! Together, we connect seekers and providers of solutions to create a green future.

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