Project name: Improving the competencies of SMEs with the model of cascade use of waste materials uptake in cross-border mentoring program

Project acronym: REUSE

This project is supported by the Interreg Programme Slovenia-Austria, co-funded by the European Union.

The main objective of the project is to increase competencies and knowledge with the help of a CROSS-BORDER MENTORING PROGRAM SPECIALIZED FOR THE CIRCULAR TRANSITION OF SMEs, which will be aimed at supporting the use of technological and non-technological solutions for the introduction of the MODEL OF CASCADE USE OF WASTE MATERIALS from production processes and thereby creating added value and strengthening competitiveness of the program area as a result of the transition of SMEs to the green and digital economy.


(1) Implementation model of a cross-border mentoring program specialized in supporting the circular transition of SMEs.
(2) Training of 12 mentors to support the circular transition of regional SMEs.
(3) Developed and tested 3 assessment tools to assess the level of readiness of SMEs to adopt new technology, business models and new materials, as well as a catalogue of good practices
(4) Upgrade of the existing e-database to support mentors in offering services (access to the list of solution providers from all over the EU, database of financing measures for SMEs, SME assessment tools with instructions, good practices of established business models, etc.)

(5) Pilot testing of the mentoring program with end users (SMEs), where the program will offer:

(A) TRAINING ACADEMY with at least 10 applied workshops + involvement of at least 20 students who
will be involved in circular research projects,

(B) INDIVIDUAL 1 :1 MENTORING SERVICES for offering specialized and tailored support for new technologies or new circular business model uptake or support for the development of new materials.


Project budget: 1.107.496,08 €
ERDF funds: 885.996,86 €

Project partners:

  • Pomurje Technology Park (Lead partner)
  • Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology, (SI)
  • International School for Social and Business Studies (SI)
  • Kompetenzzentrum Holz (AT)
  • Green Tech Valley Cluster (AT)
  • Research Burgenland (AT)

Project duration: November 2023 – October 2026
Website of Interreg Programme Slovenia-Austria: http://www.si-at.eu/2127/

Contact person:

Tomaž Lapoša (02 530 82 29, tomaz.laposa@p-tech.si)